Download software directly to your PC

Staff and students can download software directly to their PC, laptop or Apple Mac, improving access to learning and research software resources off-campus.

The new Software Downloads service, launched by Computing Services, allows staff and students to login to a secure website, view the software that is available then download and install it directly on their own machine.

A wide range of software can be downloaded, including Microsoft Office (staff only), Paint Shop Pro and SPSS (PASW). Staff and students must agree to accept the licence conditions before downloading the software. Any specific conditions of use are highlighted at the point of download.

John Cartwright, Director of Computing Services, said: “The University has site licences for a range of software, which, subject to licence conditions, often means the software can be installed on staff or student machines without additional charge.

“The Software Downloads service will be of huge benefit to staff who work off-campus and to students who want to install software on their own PCs and laptops to work from home.”

Staff or students can still acquire site licence software on discs by visiting the Computing Services Helpdesk in Brownlow Hill. There is a charge for the cost of the media – currently £2 per disc.

Not all software is available on a site licence basis. Contact the Computing Services Helpdesk if the software you require is not listed as it may be available to purchase via the Helpdesk at a rate much reduced from the standard retail price.

Members of staff who require multiple licences for an item of software should visit the Brownlow Hill Helpdesk to obtain these. The software downloads service is for individual software installations only.

To use the Software Downloads service, visit:

Note: under the terms of our site licence agreements, the software can only be used to support your University work. Any NHS, commercial or profit-making use of the software is strictly prohibited.

How to access software:

  • On campus – in a Teaching Centre or staff office using a Managed Windows Service PC or laptop
  • Use Start > Install University Applications
  • On campus using a non-Managed Windows machine
  • Use Apps Anywhere to run software without having to install it.
  • Use Software Downloads to install your own version.
  • Off campus using any PC or laptop
  • Use Apps Anywhere to run software without having to install it
  • Use Software Downloads to install your own version
  • Multiple licences for software
  • Visit the Brownlow Hill Helpdesk
  • Purchase software on CD/DVD or software not available to download
  • Visit the Brownlow Hill Helpdesk
  • Leave a comment