Windows 7 – next generation University Desktop

The University is leading the way as one of the first UK universities to offer the latest Windows operating system to staff and students.

From this month all students will be using the Windows 7 version of the Managed Windows Service (MWS). It is already available to staff on an optional basis.

Benefits of Windows 7 include quicker access to files, emails and programs, a more visual interface, secure and convenient encryption for USB or other removable devices with the ‘Bitlocker’ feature, and access to files offline so staff can keep folders on network drives available when they are not connected to the network.

Staff must check that PCs meet the requirements for Windows 7, that any software downloaded is compatible and that any devices connecting to their PC such as printers and scanners are compatible before deciding to upgrade to MWS Windows 7.

Find out more by visiting the Computing Services website, including how to check if your PC is compatible, how to upgrade, and advice on getting started with Windows 7.

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