Final tickets available for tonight’s Policy Provocations lecture

A limited selection of tickets are still available for tonight’s Policy Provocation lecture.

Income inequalities were cited by commentators and politicians as one of the major underlying factors of the riots which swept across England in August. The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better goes further by arguing that large disparities between the richest and poorest damage quality of life for everyone, leading to a range of social issues including poorer physical health, reduced social mobility and lower levels of trust. Quoted by PM David Cameron, the book has promoted major policy debate nationally and internationally, sparking a number of strong counter-arguments.

In this third event of the series, Professor Richard Wilkinson, co-author of The Spirit Level, will give a keynote talk on inequality, leading to a panel debate on what issues it poses for Liverpool and how they may be addressed.

With panel contributions from Gideon Ben-Tovim, Chair of Liverpool PCT, Councillor Jane Corbett, Cabinet Member for Education and Children’s Services at Liverpool City Council, Haneen Awwad from the Liverpool School’s Parliament and the University’s Dr Alex Scott-Samuel, this will be a stimulating and engaging event on a pressing and disputed policy issue in Liverpool and the UK.

The lecture ‘Inequality: the enemy between us?’ takes place in the North Liverpool Academy, Everton at 5.30pm. Tickets are free and can be booked at:

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