New degree in Internet Economics opens for students

internet economics course

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have launched a degree programme on internet technologies for students pursuing careers in global IT companies, such as Google and Microsoft.

The course has been developed out of an existing programme on game theory, which was the first postgraduate degree course of its kind in Europe when it opened to students last year. The new programme takes elements of this course and includes new modules on the economics of the internet, focusing on the systems that allow people to buy, sell and communicate online.

Researchers at the University’s Department of Computer Science and its Management School, will work together to provide students with the knowledge of the tools used by companies for applications related to e-commerce and the internet. Study in this field includes analysis to help understand the influence of online social networks, which can be used for advertising purposes and the modelling of customer behaviour.

Students on the course will gain the skills required by IT industries, as well as the knowledge needed by commercial companies that use the internet to advertise and market their services to a wider audience.

Professor Wiebe Van der Hoek, Head of the Department of Computer Science, said: “Our day-to-day activities are increasingly dominated by the use of the internet, including online shopping, e-banking, searching for information, web conferencing, ranking the services received, and social networking. Behind these applications are complex computer systems and technologies that require knowledge and skills beyond the traditional computer science courses taught at universities.

“To respond to the increasing demands of companies and general members of the public for buying, selling, and communicating via the internet, we have developed a course that is targeted at the specific needs of global IT industries. The programme draws on algorithms and game theory, which plays an important role in understanding how multiple computer systems work alongside each other, as well as with human users. We have combined this with modules in economics so that students get an understanding of the commercial aspects of the internet that allow for online features such as sponsored search advertising.

“We aim to produce highly skilled graduates who can apply their knowledge to complex computer systems for the benefit of large companies all over the world. Almost all major companies rely on the internet to advertise their services to a wider audience and they therefore require specialists that know how to use internet systems to promote the company effectively.”

Alongside the degree programme, students also have the opportunity to participate in the Microsoft IT-Academy Programme, which offers comprehensive IT resources and training. This voluntary programme leads to Microsoft Technology Associate certification.

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