University archaeologists to host conference in biblical archaeology

A one-day conference focusing on how changes in history are reflected in the Bible during the 2nd millennium B.C. will be hosted by the University of Liverpool’s department of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology (ACE).

ACE is a leading international centre for the study of the ancient world with expertise in archaeology of human evolution, through ancient Egypt and the Near East, to Greece, Rome and Iron Age Europe.

Dr Glenn Godenho, who is organising the conference, said: “Our department has a long tradition of research into biblical archaeology, and this conference will showcase our contribution to the field by bringing past and present scholars together to discuss the historical reliability of the bible. The conference has been put together to honour the keynote speaker, Professor Emeritus Kenneth Kitchen, a world-renowned expert on the subject whose latest work (‘Treaty, Law and Covenant in the Ancient Near-East’ – which he affectionately calls ‘TLC’) addresses the issue directly.

“Professor Kitchen’s colleagues, Dr Paul Lawrence and Dr Bruce Routledge, will also share their knowledge with participants, and Professor Emeritus Alan Millard, an expert in writing during biblical times, will close the conference.”

The Conference will take place in the Leggate Lecture Theatre, Victoria Gallery & Museum, Ashton Streeton Saturday 18 February, 9.30am – 4.30pm.

For further information on Liverpool Ancient Worlds Events, visit the website.

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