Viewpoint: Ship aground off North Wales coast

Dr Martin Preston, Marine Pollution Specialist and Honorary Research Fellow from the School of Environmental Sciences, comments on the ship which has run aground off the North Wales coast:

“The limestone ore vessel “Carrier” is aground on the North Wales coast at Llanddulas near Colwyn Bay.  The seven crew have been rescued but the vessel is aground and believed to be leaking fuel.

“Ship’s diesel or bunker oil represents a serious pollution threat to the marine environment.  It is more viscous than crude oil and forms slicks that cannot normally be dispersed using chemical means.  It represents a serious hazard to birds and also to beach plants and animals if it washes ashore.  The fact that this ship is effectively ashore makes this a very significant risk.  Weather conditions overnight were severe and continue to be challenging.”

Read the latest BBC coverage:

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