ALL blue for diabetes

ALL diabetes 1

Celebrating World Diabetes Day

The Active Learning Laboratory, in the School of Engineering, turned blue last night to mark World Diabetes Day.

Diabetes affects around 200 million people worldwide and has no known cure. Research at the University is pursuing avenues to try and reduce the impact of this condition, whether through diet, neuroscience or studying the link between obesity and development of the disease.

The Active Learning Laboratory is lit with hundreds of LEDs and can be seen as far away as Wirral. The facade of the building comprises 826 glass panels of which 413 panels are constructed from twin layers of glass, sandwiched with a dotted pattern.

These translucent dots give a surface on to which light is reflected but also allow a direct passage of light through. The latest LED technology and electronic solar tracking equipment means the light display can be illuminated with the benefit of hugely reduced energy running costs.

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