Liverpool graduates feature in BBC’s Junior Doctors


New series of ‘Junior Doctors’ starts tonight on BBC Three

A new series of the BBC’s `Junior Doctors: Your life in Their Hands’, was broadcast last night on BBC Three.

The series follows eight first and second year junior doctors, four of whom studied at the University, caring for patients at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. The majority of the filming takes place in the Acute Medical Unit, the Emergency Department, Clinical Gerontology, Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgery, Colorectal and Cardiology.

One of the junior doctors, Emily, who studied Medicine at the University and undertook a Master’s degree in Public Health, said: “Being filmed as part of the programme was a really interesting experience and it certainly made starting my new career more memorable. The film crew were really friendly and helped to make it a more enjoyable experience. The crew followed me carrying out lots of routine tasks such as taking bloods, attending a cardiac arrest, working on night shifts and also some more unique moments. Such as the time one of my patients, who was a prisoner, managed to escape police custody and climb into the roof cavity.”

The programme was filmed between August and November 2012 and features the junior doctors both on the wards and outside work. There are seven episodes in total and the series will be shown on BBC Three on Thursdays at 9pm and repeated on Monday at 8pm.

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  1. Sharon Mealey

    managed to catch up with the series on iplayer and really enjoyed watching you all. Never realised how much you are expected to know when you start and thought you where pretty much on your own sometimes,Very scary !
    You were all brillant.
    Well done and i will keep watching.

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