First Science and Society lecture for 2013 takes place

Hagan Bayley 1

Professor Hagan Bayley, Professor of Chemical Biology at the University of Oxford has spoken at the first Science and Society Lecture Series for 2013.

A Fellow of the Royal Society, Professor Bayley spoke to the packed lecture theatre about his work in the development of engineered pores for stochastic sensing and his ultra-rapid DNA research.

DNA Sequencing technology

He asked the question about how quickly DNA sequencing technology is moving and our understanding of what it would mean to press a button and have our DNA sequenced and therefore find out amongst other things how hereditary illnesses may affect us.

The next lecture in the series is on Tuesday 5 March by Professor Maciej Nalecz, the Director of Basic and Engineering Sciences at UNESCO who will speak about the impact of UNESCO on the scientific world and society at large.

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