History Boys Success


Cast and Directors

As part of the 360 Degree Festival, the Liverpool University Drama Society (LUDS) performed Alan Bennett’s The History Boys at the Guild.

HS class photo

LUDS, a student society, put on the show directed by Darren Begley and Jessica Beare which capturing perfectly the poignancy which is at the heart of Bennett’s writing.

The play is set in a fictional boys’ Grammar School in the 1980s and like all of Bennett’s work it is timelessly relevant, touching, funny and as Michael Billington from The Guardian described it when it premiered in 2004, ‘a superb, life-enhancing play’.


Characters Hector and Posner

LUDS performs four large-scale productions each semester as well as undertaking outreach work with local schools. It is currently rehearsing a number of short plays to be performed after Easter, and will be travelling to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer to perform a comedy sketch show and an all new adaptation by LUDS member Zoe Wiles of Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market.

HS cast and directors

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