LGoS election winners announced


The results of the elections results for the Liverpool Guild of Student (LGoS) have been announced after a week of intense campaigning.

Sam Butler was elected for a second term as President of Liverpool Guild of Students, with Leigh Angel-Bevan, Tom Bee and James Coe taking the other three Student Representative Officer positions.

Commenting on his re-appointment, Sam said: “It was so, so close. I felt like the response had been good on campus but it was so competitive this year.”

Student Trustee positions were taken by Matthew Smyth, Alex Coleman and Chris McCorry.

Meanwhile the LGoS delegates elected to attend the National Union of Students Annual Conference were Alisdair Bruce, Tom Bee, Yangling Fan, Harry Anderson and Matthew Smyth.

Turnout was slightly down from last year at 5,203, or 28% of the electorate.

sam butler

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