£1.3M ‘Healthcare through Maths’ grant success

The University of Liverpool’s Research Centre for Mathematical Imaging Techniques (CMIT) has been awarded a £1.3M, three year grant, under the EPSRC ‘Healthcare through Maths‘ scheme.

Professor Ke Chen, Director of CMIT, in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, will lead the project team to develop a Novel Diagnostic Tool for various medical applications, from Structural Health Monitoring to Tissue Quality Prediction.

Mathematical techniques will play a key role in non-invasive imaging of tissues to determine quality.

The project will start on 1 July 2013, and will appoint 4 full time post-doctoral researchers. Several new mathematical models and algorithms will be developed at Liverpool. The maths involved will be of energy minimization type (variational PDEs). Several workshops will also be organised.

The grant has been awarded to Liverpool, alongside three other collaborating universities, Durham, Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt. A post-doctoral researcher post will be filled at each institution.

Professor Chen said: “This award is the result of a genuinely collaborative effort by a national team.

“Apart from mathematics, our partners are leading experts in Material Sciences, Computational Mechanics and Biomedical engineering.”



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