GALLERY – Welcome Week 2013

WelcomeFair-1wWith more than 8,000 new students finding their feet, Welcome Fair 2013 started at a blistering pace and didn’t let up. The fair is hosted in two special marquees constructed in Abercromby Square, and at the University Sports and Fitness Centre, whilst a major refurbishment to Liverpool Guild of Students continues to progress. Despite the soggy start to Thursday, new students came out in droves and found a plethora of societies, clubs, business and activities to investigate

WelcomeFair-7wThe upbeat and friendly atmosphere is well supported by LS Radio providing a soundtrack to events from the stage

WelcomeFair-2wIt’s not all free sweets and posters. These two gentlemen are taking care of important matters at the Brook Health stand

WelcomeFair-4wWith competition fierce, societies and clubs need to attract new students’ attention. The Band Society definitely achieve this, with live music and a dancing moose

WelcomeFair-3wThe BodySoc Dance Society do a roaring trade with a posting right by the entrance

WelcomeFair-6wIt’s no surprise the Fair is so popular with such a broad range of clubs, societies and activities on offer. Here the Re-Enactment Society leave the battlefield behind to encourage new members into their ranks

WelcomeFair-5wEver wanted to join the circus or learn to juggle? Now you can do both by joining Liverpool Circus Society

WelcomeFair-8wWe even have royalty down, with the Queen’s husband donning his jeans and trainers to sign up new students interested in pursuing Duke of Edinburgh Awards

University of Liverpool Welcome Fair runs 10am to 4pm Thursday and Friday September 19 and 20, in Abercromby Square and the Sports and Fitness Centre.

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