Have Your Say in the Staff Survey 2013


Staff are being invited to have their say in the second university-wide Staff Survey, which will run during November 2013.

The survey was last conducted in 2010 and is an important opportunity for all staff to say how they feel about working in the University, sharing their views on issues such as employee motivation, wellbeing and development.


The survey will run for a four week period, with staff invited to complete an online questionnaire. It is being managed by Capita Research and Service Unit, an independent, objective research organisation, who operate to a strict Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct so staff can be confident that their responses will be entirely anonymous.

The 2013 survey covers a range of issues that affect staff throughout their working lives and should take around 20 minutes to complete. It includes questions on personal issues, such as how members of staff regard their role in the University, contribution and development, and health and wellbeing, as well as broader issues including the management of communication and change within the University.

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”It is important that all staff feel they can voice their ideas and opinions.”

Capita will produce headline results from the survey in January, followed by more detailed reporting of departmental results. Results, key findings, and any subsequent actions will be communicated to staff in a variety of ways including via Team Briefings and Staff Survey on the intranet pages.

Frances Hewison, Deputy Director of Human Resources chairs the Staff Survey Project Board. She said: “It is important that all staff feel they can voice their ideas and opinions. The survey will give us valuable insight on a range of issues affecting their working life, which will then be responded to within local and institutional action plans. Engaging staff in this type of feedback process is essential to understanding underlying issues and hearing great ideas that will then inform decision making and planning across the University. It is a good way to involve everyone – no matter their role – and is important in achieving our institutional goals.”

Leaders and managers will be asked to encourage staff to complete the survey and, where necessary, set aside time for colleagues who wish to complete the survey to be able to do so.

More information will be provided prior to the launch of survey. If you have any comments or questions please contact Darren Mooney: Darren.mooney@liverpool.ac.uk.

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