In Brief: Contributing to Westminster committee charged with constitution inquiry

michaelgordon-1wDr Michael Gordon appeared before the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee

A University of Liverpool law lecturer appeared before a House of Commons committee investigating whether the UK should adopt a formal written constitution.

Dr Michael Gordon was invited to address the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee after submitting written evidence to the ongoing ‘Mapping the path to codifying – or not codifying – the UK’s Constitution’ inquiry.

Unlike countries such as the USA, the UK has no written constitution and instead law is based on rules developed over hundreds of years.

Ongoing since 2010, the inquiry is seeking to determine the effect the introduction of a formal written constitution could have, and whether it would be beneficial.

Dr Gordon, a specialist in this area, said: “If we are going to codify, what impact could that have? It is often understood to be the case that it would give the courts more power, as they would then have written rules that they would be tasked with enforcing.”

No date has been set for the Committee to submit its final report.

Follow this link to watch Dr Gordon give evidence:


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