Staff Survey headline results on website

The headline results of the recent Staff Survey have been published on our Achieving Excellence website.

Heads of institute, school and department are to be asked to communicate the results of the survey for individual areas and work with their teams to draw up action plans in response to the survey results once the detailed findings are shared in March.

The timescale for action planning will be set to run alongside activity taking place as part of the Planning and Performance Cycle and the results will also support workforce planning.


Some staff have already attended campus roadshows run by Capita Surveys and Research who conducted the survey where they were able to to discuss the key findings.

The survey gathered responses from 2,862 staff, representing a 4% increase in participation, from 52% in 2010 to 56% in 2014.

Examples of areas where staff reported satisfaction in their work include:

– 91% are interested in the University and to them it is not just a job

– 84% say the University is a good place to work

– 82% are proud to work for the University

Results indicated statistically significant improvements in 25 areas of working life and 14 deteriorations since the last survey.

Areas of improvement include:

– 80% reported that they are satisfied with the support they get from line managers, compared to 75% in 2010

– 80% felt supported in developing skills that enabled them to do their job well, compared to 76% in 2010

– 69% of staff reported that their PDR left them feeling that their work is valued, compared to 54% in 2010

– 79% said that they had agreed clear objectives as part of their PDR, compared to 74% in 2010

– 93% of staff said that they can decide on their own how to go about doing their work, compared to 89% in 2010

– 87% reported that they are satisfied with the support that they get from work colleagues, compared to 84% in 2010.

Areas that saw a fall in satisfaction rates since the last survey include:

– 73% of staff felt that the University offers a good pay and benefits package, compared to 82% in 2010

– 62% felt that they are fairly paid for the work they do, compared to 69% in 2010

– 50% of staff agreed the University’s senior management set out a clear vision of where the organisation is heading, compared to 62% in 2010

– 60% of staff reported there are adequate opportunities to raise points of concern, compared to 66% in 2010.

Audio of the staff survey 2013 roadshow (17/2/2013) by David Evans from CAPITA, and Darren Mooney (HR).

The detailed breakdown of results will be shared with staff during March and April.

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