Athena Swan prompts new mentor network

Mentor pic

The Athena SWAN Mentor Network has attracted 48 participants – double the number of participants originally targeted for recruitment.

The network was launched in November, in partnership with the University of Manchester, to help support women working in STEM subjects.

Designed to work on a self-matching basis, the network allows registered mentees to select from a range of online mentor profiles from both universities, make contact and begin a mentoring relationship to suit their needs.

Dr Fiona Rowe, who is a member of the Athena SWAN Mentor Network, said: “As both a mentor and mentee, I view this network as valuable and timely. There are many issues with the progression of women through the academic ranks in the UK. I believe this network helps address a real need to support and enhance the careers of female academics across both Universities”.

The success of the Athena SWAN network has led to the development of a University of Liverpool network which will be launched later in March, extending the benefits of mentoring to all staff.

Staff can find out more and register their interest in both mentoring networks by visiting the Organisational Development webpages.

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