Ten great discoveries: Cooling the internet

Engineering-3wFor National Science and Engineering Week , we are celebrating 10 great scientific advances made at the University of Liverpool. Over the 10 days of the event, we will be highlighting a different research discovery each day to show what science can achieve.

The third advance in the series is about keeping the energy that people use to operate computers to a minimum.

Servers, workstations and power conditioning equipment generate a lot of heat. Keeping this cool requires a great deal of energy, resulting in increased costs and carbon emissions.

However, an engineer at the University of Liverpool developed a new material which can be used in cooling systems.  The porous metallic materials developed by Dr Yuyuan Zhao are three to ten times more effective than conventional systems. They are currently being used in products produced by Versarien PLC, a British company which floated on the Alternative Investment Market in 2013.

To see the other nine great advances, visit the University’s news pages during National Science and Engineering Week (14-23 March).

If you want to find out more about chemistry at the University of Liverpool, go to the School of Engineering website, or visit our study pages to find out more about studying the subject.

Ten Great Discoveries



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