Interview: Lucy Hawking brings Stellar Stories to the VG&M

LucyHawking-1wLucy Hawking is bringing an interactive show, based on her popular children’s books, to the VG&M

Lucy Hawking is bringing her Stellar Stories live show to the VG&M tomorrow, and promising the audience the opportunity to join her on a “huge cosmic journey”.

The daughter of globally recognised physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, was a successful journalist in her own right, before she engaged with the scientific community to produce a series of books seeking to explain complex theories to a young readership.

Putting research to a storyline

Lucy said: “I have come to this as a creative writer who had the opportunity, access and interest to find the right people to work with, and get them to write about their research so I can put it to a storyline.”

In 2007, Lucy published George’s Secret Key to the Universe; an adventure story about a small boy called George who finds a way to slip through a computer generated portal and travel around the solar system.

“Doing the shows is absolutely the best bit for me – having the chance to engage with a live audience and see how young readers react. It’s brilliant”
Written with her father and his former PhD student, Christophe Galfard, the book has since has been translated into 38 languages and published in 43 countries. It was followed by George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt in 2009. George and the Big Bang, published in 2011, forms the basis of her Stellar Stories show.

Lucy said: “We’re all going to go on a huge cosmic journey together and then look back at ourselves and the Earth. How do we feel about our planet when we step into space?

“Doing the shows is absolutely the best bit for me – having the chance to engage with a live audience and see how young readers react. It’s brilliant. They often have very active imaginations and a big part of it is encouraging the kids to ask questions.”

Famous father

It is not necessary to have prior knowledge of Lucy’s books to enjoy the show, which is recommended for all ages up from seven. Lucy’s fourth book, George and the Unbreakable Code, also written with her father, is due to be published in June.

Lucy added: “The show ends with a recorded message from my father, Stephen. I’ve got brothers, and when my father was asked to predict who would come into science with him, he said he wouldn’t have picked me.

“From my Dad, that’s a compliment.”

Lucy Hawking’s Stellar Stories takes place at the Victoria Gallery & Museum on Thursday May 15, from 6-7pm. Tickets are priced £2 and can be bought here


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