Vets join Channel Four team to reveal secret life of dogs

Veterinary Scientist, Dr Alex German and Veterinary nurse, Shelley Holden have joined presenter, and vet, Mark Evans in a new Channel Four series exploring the secret life of dogs.

The three-part series looks at how people’s lives and those of their dogs have radically changed in the last 50 years.

Using hidden cameras, episode one investigates how dogs gain weight when their owners are not present or out at work, as well as what research is being done to understand the UK’s obesity epidemic in dogs and cats.

Obesity epidemic

Dr Alex German, head of the University’s Weight Management Clinic, said: “Obesity is common in dogs and can lead to a range of illnesses and diseases.

”Obesity is common in dogs and can lead to a range of illnesses and diseases.”
”Although treatment for weight loss may seem simple – just eat less and exercise more – it is not without its challenges, and owners, with busy lives, can find it difficult even to understand how their dog has gained weight in the first place.

“By showing what dogs get up to out of their owner’s sight, this programme explores how understanding our animals’ behaviour and habits can help in producing a healthy diet and exercise regime.”

Dr German has also contributed to the Channel Four website, which provides information for owners and access to case studies.

Dogs: Their Secret Life is on at 8pm, Tuesday, 19 August, Channel Four.


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