`Urban Forest’ photography exhibition opens at School of Architecture

Urban Forest

A photography exhibition that explores the ‘greening’ of the urban environment has opened at the University of Liverpools School of Architecture.

`Urban Forest’ features a series of photographs by local professional photographers, McCoy Wynne, which shows young trees often planted to improve urban areas  struggling to survive against threats such as pollution and vandalism.

The project evolved out of a commission for The Mersey Forest, an organisation concerned with renewing the urban stock of trees and planting on areas of ground previously used for heavy industry, coal mining and refuse tips.

The photographs focus on the dichotomy of the trees’ apparent vulnerability and their tenacity in a busy cityscape. The exhibition also highlights the differences between the  ‘Natural’ forest and the manufactured  ‘Urban’ forest.

Dr Andrew Crompton, Head of the School of Architecture, said: “This is a very unusual and original exhibition which links city and countryside, an idea which resonates with the concept of new garden cities.

“As our academic term starts next week, `Urban Forest’ provides an interesting and thought-provoking introduction to the School of Architecture to the new students who will be joining us in the School of Architecture.”

The exhibition is part of the Liverpool Biennial 2014. It continues McCoy Wynne’s longstanding concerns with environmental issues, landscape and the depiction of Liverpool and the Merseyside region.

The exhibition is on display in the John Stephenson Gallery in the Leverhulme Building.

The exhibition opens to the public on Wednesday, 17 September and runs from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, until Thursday 23 October 2014.


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