Philosophy Day at the Bluecoat

Dr Panyiota Vassilopoulou from the University of Liverpool will reflect on the impact of her residency at the Bluecoat at an event on Saturday, 15 November.

The session will be the centrepiece of  a Philosophy Day (10am- 5pm) at the Bluecoat where visitors are encouraged to discover, experience and celebrate the many expressions of philosophy and philosophical practice from East to West.

It will include the premiere of a short film, made by artist Tristan Brady Jacobs, which presents interviews with some of the participants on the impact of the residency to date.

Dr Vassilopoulou is 12 months into the two-year residency, which is believed to be the first of its kind by an arts centre in this country.

Bryan Biggs, Artistic Director at the Bluecoat, said: “The relationship has been very productive, both at a practical and conceptual level.

“We have been delighted at the take up of opportunities for the public to engage with philosophy and its relevance to the world today and alongside this public-facing work of the residency, Dr Vassilopoulou’s input into the Bluecoat’s thinking about its arts programme, engagement with audiences and our wider social and cultural impact has been invaluable.”

The event takes place on Saturday, 15 November at 2.30pm. To reserve places, please email : or telephone  0151 702 5324.


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