University’s radiation protection measures praised

From l to r: Professor Pete Cole , Nigel Glasgow, Jo Nettleton , Martin Ainsworth, Terri Atkinson, Andrew Stewart

The University’s security measures around its radiation facilities have been praised by the Environment Agency and Merseyside Police Counter-Terrorism Security Office following a visit to the University.

Representatives from both organisations toured the University’s facilities and have cited the institution’s radiation protection measures as examples of best practice.

Professor Pete Cole, University Radiation Protection Adviser, said: “The University’s radiation safety management systems and services have benefited from close cooperation with the Environment Agency and the police. It is hoped that further collaboration with the regulator will come about in the future as a result of this very successful visit. ”

The University has a number of radiation facilities which are used in a range of research applications in areas such as biological sciences, veterinary diagnosis, and nuclear physics.

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