Event promotes careers for women in engineering

The University’s School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics (EEE) and Computer Science held an event for women interested in finding out more about careers in engineering.

Four women who work in the field of engineering and are at different stages of their careers presented at the event.

The speakers included Dr Raechelle D’Sa, who lectures in the University’s Centre for Materials & Structures; Dr Kirsty McKay, a lecturer in technological plasmas in the Department of EEE; graduate trainee, Philippa Spencer; and entrepreneur, Dr Laura James.

Dr McKay said: “Working in engineering means different things to different people, the event last week highlighted the diverse range of careers available in engineering and the numerous route through which these can be achieved. I would recommend a career in engineering to everyone!”

The event was held on National Women in Engineering Day and amid the backdrop of statistics showing that just 7% of the UK’s engineering workforce is female and that just 3.4% of engineering and manufacturing apprentices are female. Britain lags behind other countries in terms of the number of female engineering apprentices at a time when there is a shortage of engineers across many industries

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