Infection and Global Health Day 2015

Group shot of all staff and students

More than 200 staff and students attended the fifth annual Infection and Global Health Day at the Victoria Gallery and Museum this week.

Hosted by the University’s Institute of Infection and Global Health, the day featured a programme of talks and posters, the Tony Hart Memorial Lecture and the launch of the Institute’s latest annual report and new five-year strategic plan.

Looking to the future

The strategic plan addresses some of the major challenges in infection and global health, such as environmental change, food security, antimicrobial resistance, developing diagnostic tests and vaccines. Professor Tom Solomon, Institute Director said: “In developing the plan we have developed a strategy for how we can help address each of the major challenges, and the impact we will have over the next five years. These challenges are both real and significant: they threaten the livelihood and welfare of people globally. Our goals are ambitious, yet we believe they are achievable.”

Commenting on the Institute’s work, Vice-Chancellor Professor Janet beer added: “The Institute of Infection and Global health is at the forefront of the University’s Research and is a major contributor to our outstanding international reputation.”

Inspiring talks

During the day talks were given by postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers working in the fields of clinical infection, microbiology and immunology, epidemiology and population health, and infection biology. Senior academics also presented research highlights from the past year and guest speaker Professor Ab Osterhaus delivered this year’s Tony Hart Memorial Lecture on the subject of emerging virus infections in a globalising world.

Professor Janneke van de Wijgert, who led the organisation for the day said: “It was a great opportunity for staff to review some of the excellent highlights from the past year, and consider future plans; Professor Osterhaus’ talk was truly inspiring.”

Celebrating success

The event concluded with the presentation of awards, for those considered to have excelled over the year, among the student, academic and professional services bodies. The winners for 2015 were:

Researcher of the Year – Professor Julian Hiscox, Dr Georgios Pollakis and the Ebola Pathogenesis Team
Post-doctoral Researcher of the Year – Elaine Waters
Young Investigator of the Year – Kittipong Chaisiri
Poster Prize – Raquel Medialdea-Carrera
NE Roberts Prize – Andrea Scott
Allan Downie Prize – Isabel Garcia Dorival
Administrative Staff Award – Doreen Owen
Technical Staff Award – Carman Martinez-Rodriguez

Professor Ab Osterhaus presents Dr Georgios Pollakis and Professor Julian Hiscox with the Researcher of the Year Awar

Professor Ab Osterhaus presented Dr Georgios Pollakis and Professor Julian Hiscox with the Researcher of the Year Award.

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