London campus launches five new degree programmes

The University of Liverpool in London will be launching five new vocationally focused postgraduate programmes for entry in September 2016.

MSc Business Law and Economics has been created in response to growing demands from national and international employers for multidisciplinary experts in compliance, governance, competition and regulatory issues.

DPS Finance and Accounting is a conversion programme for students with any degree that  allows students to become a part qualified accountant or potentially progress on to the MSc Accounting. The programme also allows students to obtain exemptions from examinations under the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Unique collaborations  

MSc Financial and Actuarial Mathematics is a cutting edge programme which incorporates all mathematical techniques, knowledge and skills required for careers in modern actuary. The programme equips students with the mathematical, financial and computational skills needed to quantify and manage risk effectively in today’s finance, investment and insurance industries.

The MSc Advanced Transdiciplinary Design course is a unique collaboration between the Schools of Architecture and Engineering, bringing together the best of design teaching from different professions, such as industrial and product design, and architecture, alongside facilities at the technological forefront of digital design, including virtual engineering, virtual reality and rapid prototyping. This programme also draws on the knowledge, expertise and networks that have been developed within the University as part of the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC).

MSc Strategic Communications offers a cross-disciplinary education to current or aspiring communication professionals and leaders who wish to learn how to design, plan and implement effective and sound communication policies that promote the strategic goals of their organisation.

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