New E-Recruitment system launched

This week the University has launched a new E-Recruitment system, as part of the next phase of the Liverpool People Programme which will provide many benefits to Applicants and Recruiters.

A new website has been developed to host University job vacancies, which enables candidates to register for an online account, view their applications, set up notifications, copy and edit applications and manage their accounts. Existing University staff who wish to apply for vacancies can do so through their CORE HR portal.

Streamlined service

Recruiters will receive electronic applications via email, enabling the Recruitment team to provide a quicker, more responsive and streamlined service than has been possible previously.  The selection process will remain the same, with a slightly revised ‘Request to Appoint’ form.

Caragh Molloy, Deputy Director of HR, said: “The new e-Recruitment system will enable us to further harmonise and standardise recruitment and selection activity across the University. This will make the recruitment process much easier for both recruiters and potential employees.

“This is the first step in improving the Recruitment process and over the next 18 months further functionality will be implemented, including online staff requisition that will replace the current SAF and FSL.”

More Information

Staff Requisition is now live for ‘Research Funded’ posts only for the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.  The User Guide, FAQ and Videos are available here.

Guidance on how to apply, along with all the relevant user documents, FAQ and Videos are available at here.

If you have any questions or feedback about E-Recruitment or Staff Requisition please email

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