Episode 3: Nanomedicine shrinks the cost of HIV treatment

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Steve Rannard and Andrew Owen are using nano-technology to make HIV medicine more effective and less expensive. Nanomedicine builds tiny particles of medication designed to drive the drug into the bloodstream more effectively.

Less medicine means lower costs for treatment, which could greatly increase the number of HIV patients that can receive therapy in low to middle income countries.

Nanomedicines could also have a massive impact on the estimated two million children with HIV who are currently subjected to a treatment which includes twice-daily doses of a 42% ABV ethanol propylene-glycol solution – in lay terms, vodka and antifreeze.

How you can help

To bring this ground-breaking new paediatric therapy through clinical trials and onto the market on a not-for-profit basis, Steve and Andrew need to secure £400,000.

If you’d like to contribute to the impact of Steve and Andrew’s work, visit: www.liverpool.ac.uk/giving/priorities/hiv

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