Pump-priming available for academics to partner with industrial collaborators

The University has secured £170,000 of pump-priming funding to allow academics to develop partnerships and consortiums with industrial collaborators.

In April this year the Government announced the launch of its Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF), to meet the demands and opportunities of UK industry. The University’s new pump-priming funding is intended to position academics to apply for funding from the Government’s new ISCF as specific calls are announced.

The ISCF focuses on six key themes which will receive over £1 billion of funding during the next four years:

• Clean and flexible energy or the ‘Faraday Challenge’ (£246m)
• Cutting-edge healthcare and medicine (£197m)
• Robotics and artificial intelligence (£93m)
• Driverless cars (£38m)
• Manufacturing and future materials (£26m)
• Satellites and space technology (£99m) Read more here.

Business Gateway is inviting funding applications in the region of £10k – £25k for pump-priming funding. Applications outside this range will be considered but you should contact the team to discuss your application and gain approval prior to submission.

Applications must align with one of the six themes identified above, or offer an approach that is applicable to multiple themes, or support the wider Government Industrial Strategy. Read the application essentials including guidelines for completion here. An application form can be downloaded here.

The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday, 8 September and all funding received must be spent by 31 March 2018, unless you are notified otherwise.

Any queries should be directed to ISCF@liverpool.ac.uk.

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