Computer Scientist awarded prestigious ERC Starting Grant

Dr Frans Oliehoek, from the University’s Department of Computer Science, has been awarded a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting grant (€1.48M) for a project that will investigate how to scale up methods for automated decision making.

Dr Oliehoek said: “While such methods have seen significant improvements in effectiveness, for instance demonstrated by computer programs beating professional players in the games of Go and poker, their scalability is limited and applications such as city-scale traffic control, or decision making for large teams of autonomous robots are still out of reach.

“This project will focus on dealing with such complex problems by abstracting them in smaller problems and investigating how the complete problem influences these sub-problems.”

ERC Starting Grants recognise talented early-career scientists who show potential to be research leaders.

The project `INLFUENCE: INFLUEnce-based decision-making in uNCertain Environments` will support a small research team for a period of five years.

For further information on Dr Oliehoeck’s research, visit this webpage.

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