Tate Liverpool’s 30th Anniversary: Exploring the Unseen

2018 marks Tate Liverpool’s 30th anniversary, and University of Liverpool staff and students are invited to the celebratory events and free exhibitions.

Since opening in 1988 one man has been a constant presence at the Albert Dock gallery: Art Handling Manager Ken Simons. To celebrate this landmark year, Tate Liverpool will present an exhibition of 30 artists’ works from the Tate collection curated and conceived by Ken.

Ken’s Show: Exploring the Unseen, in the ground floor Wolfson Gallery, includes some of his favourite artworks – many of which he has previously installed in the galleries. Together the works explore the unseen or mysterious spaces in our world and point to Ken’s particular interest in sculptural and landscape art. Many of the chosen artists have worked directly with Ken, and a number of their works have now become central to the Tate collection.

For 30 years at Tate Liverpool, and 43 years with Tate in total, Ken has been entrusted with all of these masterpieces.

Staff and student benefits

The University’s partnership, which started in 2016, formalises a history of collaboration that stretches back over the past 30 years in which academics and students have pursued common goals alongside Tate’s researchers and curators. Details about this partnership are available to view here.

Thanks to the Universities award-winning partnership with Tate Liverpool, University staff and students can gain free entry to all paid exhibitions at Tate Liverpool, Tate Britain and Tate Modern. Staff and Students also get a 10% discount in Tate Liverpool Cafe and Shop.

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