Webinar: Professor Matt Rosseinsky discusses future of science and technology

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), Professor Matt Rosseinsky, joined a distinguished panel of scientists and innovators that discussed the future of science and technology in a live webinar.

Representing the field of materials science, Professor Rosseinsky took part in a live panel discussion alongside experts from the fields of synthetic biology, artificial intelligence and astrobiology and solar system exploration.

Moderated by Tim Appenzeller, News Editor for Science magazine, the roundtable discussion considered how breakthroughs in science and technology are born and discuss the direction different areas of science and technology might take in the next century.

You can watch the webinar by visiting this webpage and registering your email address >>>>>

The webinar was part of the flagship scientific conference Curious2018 – Future Insight which has been organised by Merck as part of its 350th anniversary celebrations. The conference brings together the world’s most distinguished scientists and entrepreneurs, including five Nobel Prize winners.

Professor Rosseinsky is currently a Royal Society Research Professor.  In 2011, he was awarded the Hughes Medal of the Royal Society and last year he was awarded the Davy Medal of the Royal Society “for his advances in the design and discovery of functional materials, integrating the development of new experimental and computational techniques.”

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