Meet your new Student Officers

In March this year, you elected four Student Officers  – Rory, Hannah, Esther and Jonathon.

Today, your Officers start their new roles and we’ve been finding out more about them and what they hope to achieve over the next 12 months.

Rory Hughes – Guild President

Born: London
Twitter: @GuildOfficers

Priorities: Cut the halls rent and build student grassroots campaigning on campus.

Rory Hughes Guild President

Random fact about yourself: I DJ Chicago Footwork in my spare time
Best quote you’ve heard: “The future has an ancient heart.” Carlo Levi
Who would play you in a film: Michael Fassbender

Speaking about being elected as Guild President, Rory said: “Sean has been an incredible President of the Guild and achieved some real wins for students at the University of Liverpool throughout his presidency. This year, I’ve particularly valued his work and beyond grateful for his personal guidance over the last year. They’re big shoes to fill as president but I’ll try my best!

“I’m really excited to welcome the new Officer team for 2018/19. Hannah, Esther and Jonathon, I already know are going to be brilliant and make some excellent changes for the membership.”

Hannah Nguyen – Deputy President

Born: Nottingham
Twitter: @GuildOfficers

Priorities: I want to get more students involved in campaigning and volunteering.

Hannah Nguyen Deputy President

Random fact about yourself: I love cooking. Food brings people together!
Best quote you’ve heard: “We are all healers of the world. It’s not about healing the world by making a huge difference. It’s about healing the world that touches you, that’s around you.” Krista Tippett
Who would play you in a film: I can’t think of many Asian actresses – maybe this question will be easier to answer when there’s better representation in mainstream media.

Esther Bukoye – Vice President

Born: Nigeria
Twitter: @GuildOfficers

Priorities: I intend to foster more cultural diversity at the Guild.

Esther Bukoye Vice President

Random fact about yourself: I’m a hat person, who loves burgundy. I am also a rapper by night.
Best quote you’ve heard: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.” Maya Angelou
Who would play you in a film: Kerry Washington. She SLAYS every role!


Jonathon Foster – Vice President

Born: Derbyshire
Twitter: @GuildOfficers

Priorities:  Better timetabling and mentoring, and much more stable VITAL and Liverpool-Life platforms

Jonathon Foster Vice President

Random fact about yourself: I used to hold a semi-pro football contract, but only got as far as warming the bench…
Best quote you’ve heard: “The question isn’t can you handle the situation, the question is can you handle your mind?” Will Smith
Who would play you in a film: A few people have said I look like Jude Law, so maybe him?