Opportunity: Blog or vlog for the University

If you’re a blogger or a vlogger – or if you’ve got a topic or issue you’d like other students to know about –  submit your idea and your work could be published via Student News and via our social media accounts.

Previous contributors have written about a range of topics, from an account of what it’s like to study abroad to a special piece on feminism for International Women’s Day.

To contribute, you don’t need to have any previous writing experience and we welcome submissions from all students, no matter what subject you are studying or what level of study you are currently at.

All you need is an idea that will appeal to our student audience. We’ve put together some topic ideas below to help inspire you, but this list is only a suggestion. If you have a topic you’d like to explore, we’d be keen to hear from you.

Possible topics for blogs or vlogs

· Studying abroad

· Work experience or placement experiences

· Study tips

· Tips on making the most of student life

· An event you are involved in organising

· A society you are involved with

· A project you have worked on

· News about your sports team, club or group

· Research you have undertaken

· Travelling

· Your experience of Liverpool

· A field trip or field class

· A topic you are passionate about, such as feminism or LGBT issues

Commenting on the opportunity, Student Communications Manager Francesca McFarlane, said: “We love students’ contributions to Student News and want students to feel like this is a channel they can really utilise.

“The topics students want to write about are always wide-ranging and that variety is great. If you’ve got an idea or simply want to be published, I really recommend you get involved. Not only could it raise awareness about something you care about, it can also help bolster your CV.”

Submit your idea

To find out more and to submit your idea, complete our Submit a Student Article form. You can also contact our Student Communications Manager, Francesca McFarlane.