Important: Read our Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline

We are very proud of our students and know you do amazing things in the lecture halls, in the city and beyond.

To help us continue to do great things – and to help us maintain our positive relationships with the community – we wanted to remind you that you are expected to adhere to our Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline.

If you’re not familiar with the policy, we encourage you to read the document as it outlines how we expect you to behave on and off campus as a student at the University. It is important that you pay particular attention to Appendix I, which highlights what we consider to be non-academic misconduct.

Policy update

Last year we updated the policy to more explicitly address sexual misconduct offences. The update was made as part of our commitment to tackle the nationwide issue of sexual harassment and assault.

We hope you have a great time with us, but if you do experience sexual misconduct (whether on campus, in town or elsewhere) we can support you and we encourage you to talk to our specialist advisers.

Find out more about how you can report an incident and the support we can offer via our Sexual assault, harassment and hate crime webpages.  You can also contact our advisers directly via email ( or by phone on 0151 794 5863.