Merseyrail Platform Upgrades: Travellers advised to plan ahead

A programme of platform upgrades is about to begin to prepare the Merseyrail network for the arrival in 2020 of new, state of the art trains that will transform how people travel. The phased programme will take place between October 2018 and June 2019, starting on the Northern Line.

Phase one will see work take place from 20th October to 28th October at stations between Ormskirk and Walton and from 29th October to 9th November at stations between Ormskirk and Old Roan.

Where stations are closed rail replacement buses will be in operation, information will be available at stations.

Members of the public are advised by Merseyrail to check in advance, plan your journey accordingly, and where possible use the alternative options being put in place to reduce hassle.

For full information on the platform upgrade, please visit the Merseytravel webpages.