Sport Liverpool launch new fitness app

Sport Liverpool App

The new Sport Liverpool app launched this month and allows you to access class schedules, track your workouts, connect with your favourite fitness wearables and compete in challenges to gain rewards.

With the new app, you can:

  • Track your workouts: Automatically track workout results by linking your fitness apps and devices (like Fitbit, Runkeeper, Strava and Apple Health etc) in Connected Apps.
  • Workout history: In-depth analysis of your workouts. The app will also tell you your average heartrate and how many calories you burned. You can see how you’ve improved over time by analysing your history in a weekly, monthly or yearly view.
  • Secure discounts: Big discounts on fitness brands get automatically uploaded to the app each month. This month, you can get 20% off of New Balance and Asics, plus 35% off of My Protein. You can claim your discount using the discount code found within the app.
  • Social: Keep up-to-date with the Sport Liverpool community. See and interact with your friends’ activities and achievements by commenting or cheering them on.
  • Challenges: You can challenge yourself and your friends. Challenges are based on completing a number of workouts, workout duration, distance or calories burned. See how you stack up against your community on the challenge leaderboard.
  • Goal Centre: Take your training to the next level by setting up personal goals. Set your target and automatically monitor your progress by using the Record a Workout features or by connecting to your favourite tracking apps and devices.
  • Record Workouts: Add workouts by inputting them manually, syncing your smart devices or by using the xCapture photo feature.

Get the app

You can download the app from either Google Play or the Apple Store and follow the onscreen instructions. Search ‘Sport Liverpool’.