Social media campaign marks centenary of women’s vote

We’re marking a century since the first women were granted the vote by shining a light on gender equality and female empowerment issues that University of Liverpool researchers are fighting for today.

Over the next three weeks, we will highlight the work of academics who are seeking to address issues affecting women throughout the world; from reproductive health and microfinancing initiatives in South Asia to challenging the persistent social and cultural norms around professional and domestic life, and much more.

We’ve asked some of our researchers to let us know why the fight for gender equality is still alive and to tell us why there is still so much to be achieved.

Leading up to December 14 2018, which will mark one hundred years since 8.5 million eligible women voted in a general election for the first time, we will be sharing their words and images through our social media channels.

Our first featured academic is Dr Supriya Garikipati, from the University’s Management School.

Dr Garikipati has worked extensively on microfinance initiatives for women in India and has evaluated the impact of other social policies like universal health insurance for the poor, pro-poor policies in the labour market; especially issues surrounding debt-related vulnerabilities like debt bondage, migration and displacement.

She said: “Microfinance groups allow us to understand the collective achievements of women for their empowerment as individuals.

“True empowerment can only be achieved when structural inequalities are shifted, which requires women to work together.”

Watch out for our campaign across social media and join in by sharing your research in the arena of gender equality and female empowerment using #LivUniWomen100.

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