New protocols introduced to reduce noise from student parties

Noisy student parties

Merseyside Police and Liverpool City Council are introducing new protocols around noise complaints following a rise in the number of objections raised about student parties in the city.

Previously noise complaints, including music, shouting, alarms, nuisance dog barking or loud car stereos, would be followed up with a letter and a log process to record subsequent offences. If there was evidence that a statutory nuisance existed, the council would serve a notice for the noise to stop. If this was ignored, individuals would be prosecuted and a warrant obtained for removal of noise making equipment.

In addition to these existing processes, the new protocols for students will allow University officers to follow up complaints with a physical visit to the property.

Reports will also now be forwarded to Landlord Licensing, who will send a letter asking for tenancy agreements to be enforced.

Commenting on the change, University Police Liaison Officer Andrew McKenna said: “Moving into a shared house or university accommodation can be an exciting time, but it is also a new responsibility.

“Whether you have lived in your current community for a while or are new to the area, it is important that you are considerate of your neighbours. It is hoped that the tightened protocols will give local communities more confidence to report issues, and encourage students to behave appropriately within their neighbourhoods.”

You can find further information on noise complaints on the Liverpool City Council website.

Other partners involved in the scheme include:

  • ASB Citysafe team
  • Environmental Health
  • Landlord Licensing
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • Local Councillors
  • Merpol

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