Our academics reveal battles still to be won, a century on from first female vote

From access to abortion to halting domestic violence, improving work life balance to the criminal justice system, breast-feeding, microfinance and lessons from history; our academics revealed the battles they feel still need to be won as we mark 100 years since women first voted in a General Election.

Over the last three weeks, we have been featuring researchers from across the University on social media, under the hashtag #LivUniWomen100.

So far, the campaign has clocked nearly 73,000 impressions on twitter, with multiple retweets sending our academics’ messages far and wide.

Today, December 14, marks 100 years since 8.5m eligible women voted in a general election for the first time but, as our participants show, much work still remains if real gender quality is to be achieved.

Here we feature a selection of our tweets.

To see more, please search #livuniwomen100 on twitter. And if you have your own message to share, please join in.

University of Liverpool Vice-Chancellor, Dame Professor Janet Beer said: “In celebrating the centenary year of women’s suffrage, it is right that we take stock of the great progress that has been made in women’s rights whilst not losing sight of the battles still to be won.

“The #LivUniWomen100 campaign has been a wonderful opportunity to highlight the brilliant research that takes place right across the University to further women’s rights.”

To see more, please search #LivUniWomen100

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