Liverpool hosts flagship Biomaterials Chemistry conference

A leading Biomaterials Chemistry conference, chaired by University of Liverpool researchers, is taking place on campus this week.

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Biomaterials Chemistry is the flagship event for biomaterials chemistry research and this year it is being chaired by Dr Raechelle D’Sa from the University’s School of Engineering.

The aim of the conference is to provide a focus for groups in universities and industry working on the synthesis and characterisation of biomaterials.  The annual meeting brings together researchers from across the UK and internationally, working to advance knowledge and focus on biomaterial chemistry research and development

More than 120 delegates are attending the event to hear from world leaders: Professor Robert Hancock (University of British Columbia, Canada), Professor John Fisher (University of Leeds), Professor Graham Leggett (University of Sheffield) and Professor Rasmita Raval (University of Liverpool).

Dr Raechelle D’Sa said: “It is great for Liverpool to host this prestigious conference which brings world leaders in the field to the city.  The Biomaterials field was pioneered here in Liverpool by Professor David F. Williams and the University remains at the forefront of this field with a wealth of diversity in this field covering research from Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry and Materials Science.”

Organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the series has provided a showcase for biomaterials chemistry since 2005 decade, and is the principal event of the RSC’s Biomaterials Chemistry Special Interest Group.

This year’s meeting will attract delegates 34 different institutions and companies including a number from beyond the UK including The Netherlands, Ireland, Iraq, Pakistan, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. The breadth of work to be presented at this conference reflects the strong multidisciplinary nature of the field.

The RSC Biomaterials Chemistry Annual conference takes place at the Stanley Theatre from Wednesday, 9 January to Friday, 13 January 2019.

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