February: Four fantastic volunteering opportunities you can apply for today

University of Liverpool Volunteering Dogs

Megan Clark is the Volunteering Assitant at the Guild and is studying for a PhD in Egyptology. Here, Megan shares four volunteering opportunities that you can get involved with in Liverpool.

You’ll find lots more opportunities via the Guild’s Volunteer pages.

  1. Become an Ecobricks Project Volunteer

An ecobrick is a brick made of non-recyclable plastic that is then used as a building material. Plastics like crisp packets or cellophane are used inside the bricks.

If you become an Ecobricks Project Volunteer, you’ll meet up with other students and make ecobricks out of plastic donated from our students. The group – which is led by Casey Morris – also meet to discuss ways everyone can reduce their own plastic waste.  You can find out more about the role and the project via the Ecobricks Project webpage.

  1. Merseyside Dogs Home: Various Roles

Merseyside Dogs Home rehomes abandoned dogs, runs recovery programmes and helps to boost local children’s confidence and literary skills through therapy dogs.

There are a number of great volunteering roles you can get involved with at the Dogs Home; everything from developing newsletters to running social media, working with finance to front of house roles.

You’ll find out more about each role by following the links below:

  1. IntoUniversity: Mentor or Academic Support Tutor

IntoUniversity offers mentoring to school children from deprived local communities. They offer quiet study spaces to students, as well as opportunities to receive academic support from professionals and students.


If you become an IntoUniversity mentor, you will spend one hour each week with a child you have been paired with. You’ll give your mentee tools and tips on how to improve their studying and their wellbeing.  You can find out more about becoming an IntoUniversity Mentor via the Guild’s site.

Academic Support Tutor

If you became an Academic Support Tutor, you’ll help children for two hours each week. You would either help them with their homework or help run a curriculum workshop. This role focuses on group support, teaching new skills and providing insights into the steps children need to follow to continue into further education.

You can find out more via the Guild’s IntoUniversity Academic Support Tutor webpages.

Did you know Student Volunteering Week is coming up? The Guild is hosting a Volunteering Fair on Wednesday, 20 February in the Stanley Theatre and will also be running activities throughout the week – from candle-making through to gardening.

  1. Lister Steps: Researcher

Lister Steps is a childcare charity that aims to make a lasting, positive impact on the local area. The charity is looking for voluntary researchers to help them uncover the history of the Lister Drive Library before renovations are made for the new library.

The role involves researching archival material such as photographs, church and library records, as well as business and maritime archives.  Researchers are then encouraged to create short, written reports and to group interesting resources into useful catalogues.

What makes this volunteering opportunity even more exciting is that volunteers will be provided with archive research training at the Museum of Liverpool and Liverpool Record office, as well as receiving support from research leads in the museum sector.

You can find out more about becoming a voluntary researcher for Lister Steps via the Guild’s website.

More opportunities

If you have any questions about the above opportunities, or if you would like to find out what the Guild’s Volunteering Liverpool platform has to offer you, please feel free to contact us at: guildvol@liverpool.ac.uk