Event: People Powered Health – Turning healthcare upside down with data

The University will be hosting an event with Stephen Critchlow, Founder and CEO of Evergreen Life, exploring how people can be empowered to own and control their health and wellbeing.

Stephen Critchlow worked in the NHS for 15 years before founding the largest secondary care UK IT supplier, Ascribe, which serves 75% of the NHS, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

In his lecture, Stephen will talk of his personal journey to put patients in control which has resulted in changing health policy and founding Evergreen Life. He will challenge our thinking about organisations that serve patients that don’t think of them as customers asking questions like:

  • Why can a patient not check and contribute to their own health record?
  • Why do we allow organisations to control our personal data and what will happen when people are allowed to control and share it?
  • Why does accurate data cost so much for research?
  • Why is so much research done on patented drugs and devices and so little done to uncover how we can remain well?
  • Why are more people likely to turn up for their hair appointment than their hospital appointment?
  • How can we deliver a complete and accurate health record at the point of care and for research using people power?

He will demonstrate how people can use their data to drive health improvements and move from a service that engages on a transactional basis once we are sick to supporting digital health coaches that can help us all avoid sickness and live long and healthy lives. He will show how all of this can be delivered within current resources by happy engaged health professionals serving a happy and healthy population.

The lecture entitled ‘People Powered Health: turning healthcare upside down with data’ will take place at 5.30pm on Wednesday 8 May in the University’s Teaching Hub (building number 502 on the campus map).

If you would like to attend this free event, please send an RSVP to the Corporate Events team via: vipevent@liverpool.ac.uk.