APRIL: 4 fantastic volunteering opportunities you can apply for today

Volunteering University of Liverpool

Megan Clark is the Volunteering Assistant at the Guild and is studying for a PhD in Egyptology. Here, Megan shares four volunteering opportunities that you can get involved with in Merseyside.

You’ll find lots more opportunities via the Guild’s Volunteer pages.

  1. Crisis Skylight Merseyside: Help the homeless

Crisis Skylight Merseyside is an outreach service that works with homeless and vulnerably housed people, working in day centres and hostels across Liverpool. They provide practical and creative classes to support those who are looking to support themselves and gain further independence.

An EEA (European Economic Area) Project Volunteer will assist the team in gathering evidence needed for members to continue to reside in the UK, working towards gaining settled status within the UK. You will have the chance to develop skills in communication, specifically working alongside a range of organisations such as HMRC, the NHS and other charities based in the UK. Volunteers are also responsible for managing resources being used for claims, which will then go forward to be used in cases to secure settled status for service users.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is passionate and dedicated to assisting those affected by homelessness and displacement. This opportunity also provides excellent experience for law and politics students who have a working knowledge of the issues surrounding residency issues in the UK, and who wish to begin in helping tackle these issues in society.

You can find out more about becoming an EEA Project Volunteer for Crisis Skylight Merseyside via the Guild’s website

  1. Open Culture: LightNight 2019 Volunteer

This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in Light Night –Liverpool’s free one-night arts festivals. Events take place across the city on Friday, 17 May.

Open Culture is a social enterprise run by Culture Liverpool, which aims to nurture and support the arts across Merseyside through a variety of projects, platforms and events, inspiring people to create culture and develop their knowledge of, and access to cultural events and activities. Every year LightNight is organised to celebrate local art and ideas, but also international ties and influences, with over 100 events typically running on the big day.

This opportunity is hugely flexible. Volunteers are needed to help steward and sell merchandise, but also to help in the running of all the events that are taking place across the city – from accessing live music to museum stores, workshops to walking tours.

This opportunity is great for anyone who wishes to volunteer in a vibrant and interesting one-off role, gaining contacts, experiences and skills along the way. If you are a culture vulture, or even a student who is keen to progress into a career in the arts, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the city’s cultural scene.

You can find out more about becoming a LightNight 2019 volunteer via the Guild’s website.

Posted by LightNight on Wednesday, 31 May 2017

  1. National Trust: Environmental Volunteer

The National Trust is the biggest landowner in the UK. Vast projects are underway across the UK to conserve these spaces for current and future generations to continue to enjoy in the future.

As a volunteer, you’ll help maintain local coastlines, forests, woods, fens, beaches, farmland, moorland, islands, archaeological remains, nature reserves, village greens and gardens. This can include anything from construction to conservation, gardening to beach cleaning.

This is an ideal opportunity for students who are passionate about the local environment. It is a relaxed role that suits volunteers looking for flexible volunteering.

You can find out more about becoming an  Environmental Volunteer for the National Trust via the Guild’s website.

  1. St John’s Ambulance: Youth Team Leader

St John’s Ambulance is a volunteer-led, charitable non-governmental organisation dedicated to the teaching and practice of first aid in England. The organisation makes the community the heart of all its training and assistance, with new volunteers joining every week nationally.

This role involves volunteering with Badgers (children aged 7-10) or Cadets (children aged 11-18). You’ll support the children to care for others, gain new experiences, and learn important life skills, including first aid. You’ll have the chance to design your own role, which could involve running fun activities, such as outdoor events, summer camps, or providing more ‘behind-the-scenes’ support.

This opportunity is great for anyone who wishes to learn or improve their first aid skills, but also for anyone who is interested in a career in teaching, learning or education.

You can find out more about becoming a Youth Team Leader for St John’s Ambulance via the Guild’s website.

If you have any further questions about the above opportunities, or if you would like to find out what the Guild’s Volunteering Liverpool platform has to offer you, please feel free to contact the Guild’s team via email: guildvol@liverpool.ac.uk.