‘Leave Liverpool Tidy’ this summer

Are you leaving Liverpool this summer or packing up to move house?

Leave Liverpool Tidy, along with the British Heart Foundation’s Pack For Good, is a city-wide project that aims to re-use, recycle and ultimately reduce the amount of items going to landfill.

The project collects unwanted items, which are then redistributed to those in need in the local and student communities. When students move out of their accommodation over summer and clear out items they no longer want, a lot of waste is created, most of which can be reused and recycled. The scheme will collect these items, sort them and redistribute them.

In 2018 over ten tonnes of items were redistributed through the ‘Leave Liverpool Tidy’ project

What can you donate?

The scheme will take everything except duvets, pillows, broken and dirty items, knives, hangers, and underwear. Food items are collected separately (more information can be found below).

Where can you donate?

If you live in halls…

If you have unwanted clothes, look out for the donation banks for textiles or ask your halls reception staff:

  • Carnatic– top car park closest to reception in car park space nearest to reception building (New Lodge) and bottom car park in car park space closest to Rankin Hall building entrance
  • Greenbank– Derby & Rathbone Car Park
  • Vine Court– East Wing Enclosure
  • Crown Place– Peach Street Car Park or donation box in reception
  • Philharmonic Court- East Wing enclosure at Vine Court or donation box in reception
  • Tudor Close- East Wing enclosure at Vine Court
  • Melville Court- East Wing enclosure at Vine Court or donation box at Melville Court meeting room
  • Dover Court– bike enclosure

For other items bags have been left in Halls kitchens or been popped through your postbox. Just fill them with unwanted items and leave them in the following places:

  • Carnatic – JCR Carnatic House
  • Greenbank – Meeting room off reception
  • Vine Court – Donation Box at Vine Court Reception
  • Crown Place – Donation box at Crown Place Reception
  • Philharmonic Court – Donation box at Philharmonic Court Reception
  • Tudor Close -Donation bin on Guilds internal street or Donation box at Vine Court Reception
  • Melville Court – Donation box at Melville Court meeting room
  • Dover Court – Donation box Dover Court reception

If you need more bags or don’t think you have received any, please email Dave Wheatley.

If you live near Smithdown Road…

Student homes around the Garmoyle Road/Gainsborough Road areas of Smithdown should have received bags through the postbox. All you need to do is fill these bags with unwanted items and put them outside on the morning of Tuesday 4th June.

If you live in Kensington or anywhere else…

There will be a collection point in the Guild’s Street from May until mid-June for any unwanted items.

Free shops

Donated items will be redistributed to those in need in the local and student communities. The community free shop will take place on Wednesday 6th June and everyone is welcome. *Please note – The venue is to be confirmed. We will post this information here when it is available and share via Twitter @LivUni and Facebook.

British Heart Foundation shops will take place in Welcome Week 2019 which all students are welcome to attend.

Do you have unwanted food?

Before you head away from Liverpool for the summer or at the end of your course, the Guild Green Team will be on hand to help you clear out your cupboards.

You can drop any unwanted food at collection points located in the Halls listed above or at the collection point on the Guild Street.

What food can you donate?

Unopened, non-perishable food items:

  • Tins (beans, spaghetti hoops, tomatoes whatever you fancy)
  • Jars
  • Dried Foods (pasta, rice etc)

Don’t worry if the items are a little past their sell-by date, you can still donate them. All donations will be distributed in the community by Fare Share.

Thanks for your help to Leave Liverpool Tidy and help our local community!

Graduating this summer?