Harlee’s top 10 graduation tips for the Class of 2019

harleethedachshund Harlee

Graduating? Congratulations! We recently took the oppawtunity to catch up with Harlee and find out her graduation advice to make sure your big day goes paw-fectly. #LivUniGrad #Classof2019

Don’t forget,  due to an unexpected issue with the water supply, the Guild will be closed until at least Tuesday, 23 July.Therefore, gowning, ticketing, photography and those activities that would usually take place in the Guild, will take place in the Sports and Fitness Centre.

You can keep up-to-date with Harlee on Instagram (@harleethedachshund).

  1. Timing is key

Make sure you collect your gown, hood and ticket from the Sports and Fitness Centre at least an hour and 15 mins before your ceremony starts!

Top Tip: Take some hair pins and safety pins to secure your hood and gown in place.

  1. Get the merchandise

Go fetch your alumni pin badge and pen from our wonderful Alumni team. It’s their gift to you.

Top Tip: Get free print outs of your photos. Just use #LivUniGrad in your pics on social media and visit the Alumni stand in the Sports and Fitness Centre to collect a printed version of your photo.

  1. Find your inner zen

Take deep breaths and enjoy your ceremony. This is your moment, break a paw out there!

harleethedachshund Harlee

Top Tip: You can take a handbag in with you and leave them under your chair if you need to.

  1. Celebrate in style

After your ceremony, head over to Abercromby Square to celebrate in the Graduation Marquee.

harleethedachshund Harlee

Top Tip: Abercromby Square is one location on campus where guests without tickets can watch a live stream of your ceremony.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Keep hydrated! It’s easy to fur-get to drink water when you’re busy having fun.

harleethedachshund Harlee

Top Tip: Task your human helpers with keeping you hydrated, just like me. 

  1. Take lots of photos

Be ready for all the pup-arazzi wanting to take your photo and don’t forget to tag them using #LivUniGrad.

harleethedachshund Harlee

Why did the dog go to university? To get a pe-digree 🙂

  1. Weather

Come rain or shine, be prepared for the weather. Look up the fur-cast a few days in advance and keep checking for updates regularly.

harleethedachshund Harlee

Top Tip: Sensible shoes are a must. You’re on your paws all day, so bring a spare pair of flats in case of an emergency.

  1. Where to shop

You might like a cuddly memento of uni, like my bear , Liv <3

harleethedachshund Harlee

Top Tip: You can get your very own Liv, and more, from inside the Sports and Fitness Centre on your graduation day.


  1. Book early

Lots of restaurants are offering good deals for graduating students.

Gusto are offering a complimentary glass of prosecco and VIP cards with offers to use throughout the year for graduates.  Look out for good offers!

harleethedachshund Harlee

Top Tip: Book early to avoid disappointment at your favourite restaurant.


  1. Enjoy 🙂

Enjoy your day! You’ve worked so hard to get here, so make the most of it.

Top Tip: If you haven’t registered for your Graduation Portal yet, don’t forget! You need to register to access and share your electronic degree certificate. If you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate student, you’ll also be able to access and share your Higher Education Achievement Report via the Portal.