Dr Laura Bonnett recognised at Women in Data awards

University of Liverpool medical statistician Dr Laura Bonnett has been named as one of this year’s ‘Twenty in Data and Technology’ by Women in Data UK.

The awards spotlight twenty inspirational female role models who are helping to transform our world using data and technology.  As a Tenure-Track Fellow in the Department of Biostatistics, Laura is the only university academic representative in the Twenty.

Laura’s research focuses on prediction modelling within chronic conditions such as epilepsy. Her work has been used by the UK-based Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to modify their driving regulations for people with seizures and epilepsy.

Explaining how she came to her career choice, Laura said: “I did a medical statistics module at university that was all based on real patient data and I found it fascinating. To do a job with maths and numbers but working on real patient data and making a difference to patients is a really happy mix for me.”

Laura is also a keen public engagement advocate and last year was honoured to give the Rosalind Franklin Award Lecture for Physical Sciences and Mathematics at the British Science Festival.

Speaking about her award, Laura said: “It’s an honour to be an awardee of Twenty in Data and Technology 2019. For me, what makes it more special, is that I was nominated by a male colleague who clearly thinks I do great things within data! I already do a lot of work raising awareness of the joy of statistics, and careers in data, so to have this additional opportunity is amazing. The chance to be featured in a video, and have a photoshoot was a pretty special add-on too!”

Rachel Keane, Co-Founder Women in Data UK, said: “Twenty in Data and Technology was created to showcase women in these sectors for their success, innovation, leadership or courage. Laura Bonnett is another fine ambassador who will be a visible example to inspire women at all stages of their careers.

“This is the third collection of the Twenty, which means that there are 60 role models working actively as mentors, sharing experiences in peer groups, advising in schools, and publishing content to promote the exciting opportunities in Data and Technology. Ambassadors work closely with Women in Data UK to encourage women to set their sights high to achieve their professional and personal goals.”

The awards were announced at the Women in Data 2019 conference in London, which brought together women from across the data and tech industry to celebrate their achievements and address the gender imbalance across the industry.