Love thy neighbour: Giving the gift of peace this Christmas

Christmas lights

Cities and students go together like peas in a pod. We are proud of what you bring to our community whether that is in Liverpool or any of our other campuses or partner universities.

Whether you are new at university this year and staying in halls, or you are a veteran student and have ventured out to live in our local community, you have a responsibility to help us to maintain positive relationships with our neighbours and the wider community.

It’s great living with friends but please remember that houses or flats with multiple occupants can easily and unintentionally cause disturbance to neighbours. Consider that you may have a family with young children nearby or an elderly couple. Noise disturbance or anti-social behaviour can lead to a great deal of stress for those around you, so please try to think of others when planning any get-togethers, whether they are big or small.

Have a think about:

  • How late is reasonable? Most people agree that 11pm is a suitable time to make sure noise levels are low so you are not disturbing the sleep of those around you.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when walking through neighbourhoods at night, especially if you are leaving a party. Loud voices can easily carry and cause disturbance to those around you.
  • Keep your property clean and don’t dump rubbish. Make sure you know when your bin collection day is so you can do your bit to keep your neighbourhood clean and tidy
  • If you have a dog, don’t leave it to bark. And make sure you scoop the poop! We’ve all trailed dog mess through a house at some point and it isn’t fun to clean up…
  • Professional sound systems are not suitable for use in a house party. If you want to enjoy a club feel, go to a club with a music licence!

Remember that as a student you need to adhere to our Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline.

If you’re not familiar with the policy, make sure you take a look and read the document, as it outlines how we expect you to behave both on and off campus as a student at the University. It is important that you pay particular attention to Appendix I, which highlights what we consider to be non-academic misconduct.

Enjoy the festive season and give the gift of peace to your neighbours this Christmas!