University scientists receive free support to ensure ‘timely dissemination’ of COVID-19 research findings

An international medical communications agency is providing researchers at the University of Liverpool free support to ensure timely dissemination of their COVID-19 research findings to scientific journals during this time of unprecedented demand on their laboratories.

The speed at which scientific research into the COVID-19 pandemic is being undertaken locally, nationally and internationally is unprecedented. Currently, there are a large number of research projects being undertaken by academics at the University in collaboration with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and local NHS Trusts that are exploring possible safe and effective treatment and prevention options for COVID-19.

The unparalleled urgency for research requires scientific findings and discoveries to be made available in the public domain quickly to ensure maximum benefit to the entire research community. However, the process of facilitating research manuscript submission to scientific journals and the subsequent tracking and review can be very time consuming, which impacts on the speed of publication.

Nucleus Global, the largest independent medical communications network in the world, is providing free editorial support to researchers from the University’s Department of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology to ensure the findings of this vital research is published in a timely manner to maximise its benefit.

Andrew Owen, Professor of Pharmacology, said: “We are so grateful to our colleagues at Nucleus Global for volunteering their time to ensure the timely dissemination of research findings while preserving the time of our researchers at the University and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine who are working so hard in the laboratories.”

Daniel Bridges, Regional Director Europe at Nucleus Global, adds: “The researchers at University of Liverpool’s Department of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology are conducting vital research to enhance the understanding of COVID-19, its treatment and prevention. Our team are passionate about healthcare and we are delighted to be able to support the community in some small way.”