CSD adds Zoom to suite of video conferencing tools

Staff and students can now use Zoom with your University account to conduct meetings and events with fellow University members.

Computing Services (CSD) has made Zoom available to University staff and students, adding to the suite of video conferencing tools available to aid remote working and teaching.

Zoom is an application which allows users to conduct video conferences and events online with multiple users.

While Microsoft Teams remains the University’s preferred video conferencing tool, CSD recognises that it might not always be suitable in the variety of scenarios where video conferencing is required. For this reason, Zoom is now available as a complementary service.

CSD has acquired an education licence which provides our staff and students with a number of features not available to free, personal licences. These features include cloud recording, break-out rooms, and multiple screen-sharing.

Over the last month, a number of departments have set up Zoom accounts to conduct various working and teaching activities.  As a result, in order to protect existing teaching commitments in the last few weeks of teaching, we are adopting a phased approach to the roll-out of this service.

Phase 1: now until 15 May
Zoom is now available to all University members via zoom.liverpool.ac.uk. Users accessing Zoom via the app (on desktops or on mobile devices and tablets) will use the “Sign in with SSO” box to log in. You’ll need to enter a domain name before signing in. When prompted, enter
liverpool-ac-uk (you will see .zoom.us automatically added in the field)
Familiarise yourself with the login instructions.

During this time, departments who have scheduled teaching commitments will continue to use their current Zoom accounts to conduct their activities.

Phase 2: 18 May onwards
Once teaching has been completed, all Zoom accounts set up with University email addresses will be absorbed into the University’s education licence. From this point onwards, all you will need to use the University’s Zoom licence is your MWS username (in the format username@liverpool.ac.uk) and password; no domain names, no separate accounts – just seamless integration.

How do I use Zoom?

Basic instructional materials for Zoom, including how to log in, how to manage the host controls of your meeting, and more, can be found in the CSD Knowledge Base.

Whilst we will endeavour to support staff and students, we recommend that those making use of this new service also tap into the instructional and training materials available from Zoom.

I already set up a Zoom account with my University email address – what now?

That’s no problem. You can still use Zoom as you have before, using the details you signed up with, and we recommend doing so if you have meetings or teaching activities already scheduled.

Using Zoom securely

We ask staff and students to bear in mind that you are responsible for managing the permissions and security of your Zoom session. Where possible, avoid making meetings public; instead invite and manage access of your attendees and guests, and consider the GDPR privacy and transparency elements of Zoom sessions: whether you’ll record it, and what you’ll use the recording for.

We have provided detailed advice on how to keep your Zoom meetings secure, ensuring uninvited guests cannot access your event.

Video conferencing options

In addition to Zoom, CSD offers support for the following video conferencing products:

If you have any queries or need advice on which video conferencing tool best suits your needs, please contact the CSD Service Desk via servicedesk.liverpool.ac.uk.